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New Parent Care in England–You’ve got to be kidding me

Recently, during a conversation for my husband’s birthday, my mother-in-law told us about when Steve was born.

Do not park in England

Holy crap. So for the third time in the one year I’ve been driving in the UK, I’ve had someone of an older age tell me where I can and cannot park my car.

Remember the semicolons!

If you want to be humiliated, and told you’re not as good at the one thing you know you’re good at, then come to England and take one of their assessment tests.

Accomplishments of 2013

I didn’t read much this year and I honestly don’t feel like I did much, but in retrospect there…

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England, Autumn, and the Blahs

I wrote before about how hard this transition from holiday to home has been on me. Now both Steve…

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That time of year again

Around this time, three years ago, Steve arrived in Florida for the week. We quickly obtained a…

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#AugustBreak2013 Day 3

I took this photo today at Beamish Living Museum of the North, per the yellow themefor today. We…

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It’s a beautiful day in Newcastle and I’m hanging out at Starbucks by the Monument. I love how people are hanging out, watching the Olympics on the big Monument Live TV down here too. It was such a good idea to put that in for all the events that’s been going on this past couple of years.

Flooded Friday

So happy that it’s Friday but the weather forcast says we have flood warnings with heavy rain on the way. I thought about going out to the pool today but last week the roads there were un-driveable so maybe I’ll stay put.

I’m in the middle of a busy cafe at the library this morning. Apparently there was a Story Time and Sing-a-Long activity for the small kids in the Children’s Library so this cafe is now full of babies and strollers. I can’t be too bothered by them - they’re cute and they’re already enjoying books. Nit so bad, right?

I am pleased that one of the teaching agencies I signed up with has called three times, asking if I’m interested in applying to various full-time jobs. At least someone is helping me out. I got a call from a different teaching agency today too and I hate to sound miserable about the whole thing but I am really tired of going through my information over and over.

I don’t know why, when a resume lists all your work and school experience, would they ask, “So what have you been up to since then?” Well, I’m applying to register with your agency and we’re in the midst of an economic crisis so what is the most logical assumption? I know they have to ask but still.

Also, each one is so specific about what references they want. This last place just asked for two from the college I was at. I told the agent flat out that we had a Department Chair and that’s it. Part-time, working an hour here and there for a term doesn’t constitute a large team-building situation. But, again, I know they have to ask but I just toldthe agent who I usually list. I thought they were mainly concerned with the last three years of your work history anyway.

It’s also amazing to me how specific the dates on the resumes have to be. I have to account for every Spring term or Vacation. Kind of crazy.

Lastly, before I run from the kids who are crawling all over the cafe now, I checked on my Leave to Remain and I do have to take the Life in the U.K. test at the end of the year. If it’s fact memorization, I should be okay. Honestly, the driving test seems more daunting than a test about English history and what goes in a Christmas pudding.